NL119 3ml Automatic inoculator

New Generation 3ml Automatic Inoculator - Safe, Efficient, and Easy to Operate | Poultry Vaccination

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3ml Automatic inoculator

NL119 3ml Automatic inoculator


New Generation 3ml Automatic Inoculator - Safe, Efficient, and Easy to Operate | Poultry Vaccination

NL119 3ml Automatic inoculator


1.Introducing our new second-generation automatic inoculator, designed specifically for poultry. Experience a safe and efficient inoculation process that prioritizes their well-being.

2.Our automatic inoculator ensures precise dosage of 3cc, providing the right amount of protection for your poultry. Trust in its accuracy to safeguard their health.

3.With a smart and humanized design, our automatic inoculator offers a light-weight experience, making the inoculation process safer and more efficient. Prioritize their well-being with ease.

4.Crafted from the best materials, our automatic inoculator is oil-proof and non-corrosive, ensuring its longevity and reliability. Invest in a durable solution for your poultry's health.

5.All parts and accessories of our automatic inoculator can be easily autoclaved, guaranteeing a clean and sterile process. Maintain optimal hygiene effortlessly.

6.Elevate your poultry's health with our new second-generation automatic inoculator. Experience effortless, efficient, and safe inoculation that maximizes their protection.



New second generation automatic inoculator for poultry

Dosage: 3cc

Smart & humanized design, light weight ensuring a more

safe & efficient inoculation.

Made from the best material, oil-proof, non-corrosive

All parts & accessories can be autoclaved

Easy to operate

One set of disposable syringe as free replacement



1. How can we guarantee quality?

We have two workshops, so we can control the quality from the raw material selection, production, packaging, inspection, shipping throughout to delivery ensuring every process is in nice condition. Before shipping we will dedicate QC staff to inspect goods and have a final inspection report for each batch shipment. You can be rest assured about the quality.


2. Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?

Our price with big advantages,we buy in bulk from our raw material suppliers. so we can control the cost from raw materials to make sure our prices at a reasonable level. And any workers from inland areas come here to work, and our government also gives them a certain amount of subsidy, so their wages are much lower than in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. In addition, the port of Ningbo is only an hour's drive away from our company, so we can save a lot on freight costs


3. What services can we provide?

Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF,EXW,FCA;

Accepted Payment Type: T/T,L/C,D/P D/A,PayPal,Western Union;

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