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NL205 Plastic-Steel Veterinary Syringe without dos


  • durable syringe with luer lock adaptor;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Reusable ;
  • High quality plastic(PC or TPX) with UV additive;
  • color of plastic piston, cover and handle are favorable;
  • transparent barrel with engraved scale or transparent scale are favorable;
  • sterilized by boiled water .

  • Code               Spec.                                Code                Spec.
    NL20505P       5ml(PC)                       NL20505T        5ml(TPX)
    NL20510P      10ml(PC)                       NL20510T      10ml(TPX)
    NL20520P      20ml(PC)                       NL20520T      20ml(TPX)
    NL20530P      30ml(PC)                       NL20530T      30ml(TPX)
    NL20550P      50ml(PC)                       NL20550T      50ml(TPX)

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